Created 18-Apr-16
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A place I am drawn to again and again, Mynydd Illtud has both great views of all three mountain ranges which make up the Brecon Beacons National Park. It also has a mysterious and ancient feeling. Although it has a visitor centre, there are remote and lonely places on this common, places where curlews mournfully call, or where gnarled trees silently watch as you pass. I try again and again to try to capture some of this character - these are some of my attempts.
Deep Midwinter Mynydd IlltudLast Snow, Last LightStanding Stone and Snowcapped Beacons, Mynydd IlltudStanding Stone, Mynydd IlltudLonely tree, Mynydd Illtud commonSunset over the Brecon BeaconsSolstice SunsetEvening Draws In, Mynydd Illtud

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